4th Global Engineering, Science and Technology Conference

Date: 27 December, 2013

Venue: BIAM Foundation, 63 New Eskaton, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Editor: Mr. Md. Mahbubul Hoque Bhuiyan

Published by: Global Institute of Science & Technology, Australia

31 Blake Street, Berwick 3806,

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

ISBN: 978-1-922069-43-6

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Beginning Note

Papers contained in these proceedings are refereed papers as they are double blind peer reviewed. The readers are advised to click on individual track names (say Architecture) and then select the paper by the paper number, title and or author (s). We have tried to minimise the errors but sole responsibility rests on the author(s) concerned. In some cases, we have provided "abstract" only as per instruction of the concerned author(s). We hope these papers would serve as the most valuable materials for Science and Technology research only and no materials should be used or manipulated for any purpose other than purely academic research. We appreciate the contribution of the author(s) and our editorial staff who worked relentlessly to make the conference an outstanding success.

Editorial Note: These proceedings are organised under the following tracks: 100 - Architecture and Civil Engineering 300 - IT and Computer Science and Engineering 500 - Mechanical Engineering 600 - Environment and Water Engineering 700 - Electrical and Electronic Engineering Others (400,900,1000)

Serial No Paper Title Author / Authors
501 Entropy Generation and Heat Transfer on Natural Convection in a Nanofluid filled Odd-shaped Enclosure Salma Parvin, Rehena Nasrin and M.A. Alim
503 Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Rotating Twisted Tape Al Amin, Zunayed Mahmud, Md. Nafis Bin Islam, Md. Lutfor Rahman and Dr Mohammed Ali
504 Investigation of Drag Analysis of Four Different Profiles Tested at Subsonic Wind Tunnel M. Morshed, S A A. Mamun, S B. Sayeed and G M J. Alam
505 Development of an Integrated Vision system to Control a Soccer Playing Humanoid Robot Alamgir Hossain, Rahid Zaman, Miftahur Rahman, Raihan Masud, Md. Mizanur Rahman Mizan, Yasin Arafat, Fardan Abdullah and Aziz Rahman
509 An Exploratory Study of Driver Distraction in Bangladesh A Contributing Factor to Crashes Rabbani Rash-ha Wahi and Md Tareq Rahman
510 Numerical Simulation and Aerodynamic Characteristic Analysis of a Paraboloid-Tip Bullet Md. Tarique Hasan Khan and Sudipta Saha
511 Optimization of Drilling Parameters for Machining AISI 1045 Steel Using Full Factorial Analysis Shahed Mahmud, Ariful Islam, Shohel Rana and Mosharraf Hossain
513 Review on Environmental Friendly Machining Process (Cryogenic Machining) Khairun Nahar, Md. Rifat Alam Munna, Md. Shohel Rana and Md. Mosharraf Hossain