Proceedings of Civil and Water Resources Engineering Conference

Date: 3-4 November 2017

Venue: BIAM Foundation, 63 Eskaton, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Editor: Mr. Md. Mahbubul Hoque Bhuiyan, Global Research Institute of Science and Technology, Australia

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Beginning Note

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Serial No Paper Title Author / Authors
101 Growth and Yield of Wheat as Affected by Different Levels of Water Salinity Rintu Sen, Maisha Fahmida, Gopal Chandra Halder, Bhuben Chandra Sinha and Md. Shiddiqur Rahman
102 Increasing Level of Ammonia in the Surface Raw Water Source at Dhaka, Bangladesh Md. Serajuddin, Md. Aktarul Islam Chowdhury and Md. Mobarak Hussain
103 Disaster Preventive Geodesic Dome: The Best Home For The Coastal People Of Bangladesh Md. Hafiz Iqbal and Anamul Haque
104 Drinking Water Quality Assessment in Terms of Water Quality Index (WQI) in Dhaka, Bangladesh Md.Serajuddin, Md. Aktarul Islam Chowdhury, Md. Ehteshamul Haque and Tahmina Ferdous
105 Assessment of Hydro-Morphological Change of Surma-Kushiyara River System Md. Sabbir Mostafa khan and Purnima Das
106 Study on Resources, Challenges, Vulnerabilities and Management of Bangladesh Coastal Zone Purnima Das and Md. Sabbir Mostafa khan
108 Effect of Bicarbonate on Arsenic Removal by Coagulation Afia Jahin, Shamontee Aziz1, Zarin Tasnim, and Muhammad Ashraf Ali
109 Quantification of Condensate Water Generated From Air Conditioning System Md. Arafat Ali, Sumaiya Saifur and Muhammad Ashraf Ali
110 A Case Study of the River Training Work of Padma River: Assessment of Local Slope Protection Measures Enayet Chowdhury, Ahmed Hossain and H. M. Muktadir
111 Possibilities for Drought Forecasting in Dhaka Using Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) Index S.Tabassum, U.Khaira, A.T.M. Hasan Zobeyer and N. Jahan
112 Fluvial Stage-Discharge Rating of a Selected Reach of the Jamuna River Makduma Zahan Badhan and Md. Abdul Matin
116 Vegetation Response to Drought Using Remotely Sensed Drought Indices in Southern Part of Barind Tracts Abir Biswas and Rahatul Islam
117 Coastal Erosion and Accretion on the Island of Bhola, Bangladesh Abir Biswas and Rahatul Islam
118 Comparative Analysis on Flow and Salinity of Rupsha-Passur River System of Bangladesh Shihab Hossain Saran, Afeefa Rahman and Anika Yunus
119 Investigation of Some Selected Water Quality Parameters of the Buriganga River Md. Sultanul Islam and Sharmin Zaman
121 Encroachment Effect on Flood Flow Using HEC-RAS Ishrat Jahan Dollan and A.T.M. Hasan Zobeyer
121 Encroachment Effect on Flood Flow Using HEC-RAS Ishrat Jahan Dollan and A.T.M. Hasan Zobeyer
122 Design of Storm Water Drainage Network with Limited Data Using GeoSWMM: Case Study for Bogra City Mushtari Maliha and Md Sabbir Mostafa Khan
127 Climate Change and Its Effects on Crop Production and Water Tablein Rajshahi Division Md. Eshraqul Haque
128 Changes in Planform and Meander bends of Rivers in Southern Estuarine Region of Bangladesh and Its Implications on Development Project Md Kabirul Islam, Maruf Dushtagir, Md. Munsur Rahman and Mashrekur Rahman
129 Assessing High-End Climate Change Impacts on Floodsin Major Rivers of Bangladesh using Multi-Model Simulations M. Shahjahan Mondal, A.K.M. Saiful Islam, AnisulHaque, Md. Rashedul Islam and Subir Biswas,
131 Morphological Changes of Offshore Islands of Meghna Estuary over the Years F. M. Alvee, S. Kibria and M. R. Islam
132 An Integrated Water Resources Management Plan or Gorai River Using Multi-Criteria Analysis Momtaz Jahan*, Noor-E-Ashmaul Husna, Rubaiya Kabir and Md Mahabub Arefin Chowdhury
133 Hydro-Morphological Study of a Non-Sinuous Tidal River due to Dredging of a Predominant Island: A Case Study for Karnafuli River, Bangladesh Sajal Kumar Roy and Umme Kulsum Navera
134 The Impact of Water Level Variation on Bank Erosion of Selected Reach of the Jamuna River M. Ahammad, F. M. Alvee and M. R. Islam
135 Study of Bamboo Bandalling Structures in the Tidal River for River Bank Erosion Protection Md. Lutfor Rahman
136 Planform Observation of De-Connectivity of Old Brahmaputra off take in Lean Period Using Satellite Images Md. Safin Ahmed and Umme Kulsum Navera
202 Experimental Study on the Strength and Behaviour of Concrete Infilled Light Gauge Steel Square Columns Md. Abul Kalam Azad
302 Relationship between CBR and Soil Index Properties of Bangladesh Soil Samples Kaniz Roksana, Tabassum Islam and Abdul Muqtadir